"Philosophy" is a song written by Lynn Sherri Cuzmond. It is in LOL album and is about the Enlightenment Period.



Heyo, Plato! Watcha listenin' on that stereo?

Don't you know that lfie is not just based on what you hear?

Heya, Ptolemy! Lemme see what you can see!

Trying to make yourself look good like that, only to find out you're the fool!

Yeah, that's right! Why you gotta live a life like this, basing it upon a philosophy?

The world goes round and it weighs you down! (Thank you, Newton!)

Why does the sun go bright and dies later?

So what, they say you can't make a dream,

Even if it's partially seen, no one can take that from you! (Aha!)

Make a change, that's the way we run this house!

They won't take us down...


1543, I was begging on my knees,

Oh don't take, don't takeme without writing this!

It's just herectics!

(You'd be afraid if it was the truth!)

Don't stop, Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo got the truth...

So let's make a change, that's how we all roll!

Trust me, they won't take you down! (Let's go!)

Chorus (2x)

Stand before any Godly home!

Recant or get yourself outta here and don't come back for more!

Say that we don't know!

(Why I oughta! How dare you make a fool of ourselves!)

No, you can't be right in your head!

Tell me that the world comes around the Sun and boy,

I will get my oh-oh!

Oh no!


So let's make a change!

Trust me, they won't let you down!

Change the plan!

You can change the way the world thinks! (It'll only take some time!)

It'll be alright!

(Hit it!)

Chorus (2x)

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