The Calm Road Boys is a TV series about an orphan named Joey who goes to school in care of his fake Uncle Maury and become immediate friends with social outcasts and unlikely team members. This was inspired by A.N.T. Farm.



Dillion Jolt as Joey Chinzelli

Jay LuEtta as Jerry Perez

Ron MacDeelone as Xander Chrysanthemum

Joe FiTeega as Leo Heinz-Valentina


Sinayara as Jayne Devereaux

Annelie Jones as Joelle Devereaux

Reegal as Uncle Maury


Season 1 (The Calm Road Boys)

Season 2 (The Calm Road Boys) Coming soon!


Paparazzi Awards 2013- Best Beloved Actor (Dillion Jolt, Jay LuEtta, Reegal)- Pending

Paparazzi Awards 2013- Best Beloved Actress (Annelie Jones, Sinayara)- Pending

Paparazzi Awards 2013- Best Beloved Pairing- (Dillion Jolt and Sinayara, Jay LuEtta, Dillion Jolt, Ron MacDeelone, Joe FiTeega)- Pending

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